taking good care
of your furniture

Furniture will eventually wear and tear over time. However, you can slow down the process by taking the extra precaution in treating your furniture.

Wood & Veneer

These material are sensitive to sunlight, we recommend t0 never expose the furniture to direct sunlight as prolonged exposure to extreme temperature will affect the colour of wood and veneer.

For daily cleaning, just gently rub with a soft cloth over the surface. Please do not use chemical cleaners on your furniture as this may damage the finishings. Use coasters under beverages and protective pad for writing to better protect furniture’s surface.


For upholstered furniture, you may vacuum or do some light brushing weekly for general cleaning and to remove surface soil. Protect the fabric from direct sunlight to prevent colour fading

Make sure the feet on your chair or sofa are tightly fastened. Try not to drag them to avoid damage to the feet, or your floor.


Please avoid sunlight to contact leather, as it will ruin the original brightness and texture of leather. When cleaning leather, remember to avoid cleaner and detergents that are not made for leather care. A dry cloth and lukewarm water are usually all that is needed to keep the brightness and texture of leather.